產品廣泛應用于鋼鐵、電力、石油、化工、環保,生活飲用水凈化,空氣凈化、工業廢水、廢氣和城鎮污水處理等領域,使用時更換方便、省時省工,碘值高,吸附強。年產2萬噸/年,我公司生產的活性炭產品可根據活性炭用戶的不同需求專門制作, 生產過程中嚴格按照相關標準,同時采用美國ASTB標準,始終保持穩定的產品質量。






Guixi Miaoyi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, with a registered capital of 30 million, covering a total area of 30000 square meters. Located in the "national commodity grain base" and "Jiangxi Province key timber production base"
Guixi Economic Development Zone, known as the core area of Guixi Economic Development Zone, has convenient external transportation, forming a trend of East-West connection in Shanghai Kunming expressway.
Miaoyi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private scientific and technological enterprise. Due to the demand of market development, our company has invested heavily in the introduction of honeycomb activated carbon production line equipment, and has become an enterprise specializing in the production, processing and sales of honeycomb activated carbon.
Products are widely used in steel, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, drinking water purification, air purification, industrial wastewater, waste gas and urban sewage treatment and other fields. It is convenient to replace, time-saving, labor-saving, high iodine value and strong adsorption. With an annual output of 20000 tons / year, the activated carbon products produced by our company can be specially made according to the different needs of activated carbon users. In the production process, we strictly follow the relevant standards and adopt the American astb standard, so as to maintain stable product quality.
Based on the international market, the company has always been focusing on customer demand and satisfaction since its establishment, repaying customers with reassuring products and considerate service, continuously enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting market demand.
The company pursues the tenet of "customer first", pays attention to reputation, abides by the contract, guarantees quality and delivers goods in time.
Enterprises always adhere to the "quality assurance, service first" management philosophy, service to the public.
Hope to join hands with new and old customers again to create brilliance!





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信用是企業的財富   競爭是企業的生命






The company will be committed to continuous improvement of product production technology and quality, and continuous development of new products to maintain market competitiveness. It is moving forward with time in the direction of a modern enterprise. With "sincerity, pragmatism, high-quality, high-efficiency" as the corporate tenet, we are dedicated to serving people from all walks of life.


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